EthDenver ZK Aquarium [UE5]

Had the opportunity as the Senior Tech Artist at All of it Now, working with the Look Mister team, to create some content for the ETHDenver conference. For this event, they constructed a cubic LED volume, which we helped create the content for a virtual aquarium inside of, featuring a cyberpunk aesthetic. The content evolved for each day of the show, featuring different creatures, hero moments, and effects.

As the technical art team, our job was to create custom assets, as well as polish delivered assets, and build the animation, VFX, and rendering systems for the project. This included creating flocking niagara fish systems, custom master materials for procedural effects like the trails of code running down the central building, blueprint and material function systems to drive brightness "pulses" through the scene at the start of each day's loop, and of course structuring and preparing all of the skeletal meshes, lighting, cameras, ndisplay render config, and final colour grading and post edit.

I took the opportunity on this one to flex a lot of procedural material and lighting work within the engine, as well as helping to guide the technical pipeline from asset creation to integration and final edit, setting content guidelines and making fixes along the way as assets were delivered from a variety of sources.

May 22, 2024