ArchVis Room Nook

A short one-day personal project made to pass the time during the holiday break.Testing out some of the new features in UE4.26 including the GPULightmass Baker, as well as a number of raytracing optimisations. On an RTX 3080, this scene runs approx. ~60FPS at 4K with RTX reflections, shadows, AO, and translucency enabled. With Reflections, AO, and translucency disabled (shadows still enabled) that jumps to around 100FPS at 4K.

Scene was designed in Blender 2.91, and I took the opportunity to experiment with some of the cloth features added in the last year to create the mattress, pillows, and blanket. As this scene was primarily a lighting and optimisation test, however, the detail was provided by a number of asset libraries including Quixel Megascans, some UE4 Marketplace packs, and Sketchfab.

Thanks to Kenprol, Robin Vandenberghe, and Ankledot for their models in this scene.

Music: "We Were Never Meant To Live Here" by Chris Zabriskie

December 26, 2020