"Exilii" Cinematic Demo [UE5]

I had the great opportunity to work as the lead technical artist at All of it Now on this cinematic demo, pitching our team's ability to create high-quality rendered content for large format display. The concept is a teaser/intro piece of a larger atmospheric sci-fi short.

While members of my team helped develop concepts for the ship, and the landscape for the final shot, I ended up working on the space and sky environments, ship texturing and polish, creating the drop pod from scratch, lighting and camera moves, VFX, and the post-edit/grade/sound design.

Been quite a while since I've had the chance to work on anything like a short film, having been focused a lot over the past couple years on more live show and interactive experiences. Felt good to get back into my element working on cinematography and high quality asset polish.

May 7, 2024