Kid's Choice Awards 2021 - Blimp Tours

Nickelodeon's KCA21 this year featured an XR stage to facilitate their globe trotting blimp tours, allowing them to present awards virtually to artists and performers from around the world.

I had the opportunity to work with the AOIN team on these as the Lead Technical Artist in UE4.26; this included look dev and creative input, performance optimisations, master material and landscape dev, particle and VFX integration, as well as workflow and source control management. I even had a hand creating from scratch or overhauling a number of scenes, including Mars, the Suburbs, The Great Wall, and Outer Space.

I also created the interfaces and blueprint logic for live OSC control of a number of animation aspects of the Blimp itself, such as toggling visibility of the monitor array at its front, interior lighting, etc...

It was a great and exciting opportunity to bring to life a wide variety of different iconic landmarks and looks for a nostalgic childhood studio.

March 5, 2021