Fortnite Party Royale - Kaskade Rocket League XR Concert

I had the awesome opportunity to work as the Lead Unreal Tech Artist working on the Fortnite Party Royale XR concert with Kaskade. In this role I helped to convert maps from Psyonix into useable 4.26 arenas, and turn their Rocket League assets into custom DMX controllable fixtures for the concert. I helped provide technical targets, do optimisation passes for GPU and CPU performance, convert original assets for our use, debug DMX programming, and create custom master materials and DMX programming from scratch to allow for the complex functionality in the final production.

This was a massive undertaking; in the end for Neon Field we had about 50 unique fixture classes, and around 800 DMX fixtures spread across 15 DMX Universes, with over 7600 channels of DMX data patched, all of which had to run in realtime to be captured in-camera for XR.

I think the end result speaks for itself however; I'm incredibly proud of what we were able to accomplish and how dynamic and lively the final show is.

March 22, 2021